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September 12, 2022
On this auspicious occasion -- we commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the debut of BONANZA on television. It's gratifying to know that BONANZA still has so many fans and followers who have loved the show since it began, and it's also exciting to realize that BONANZA continues to get new fans who've discovered the adventures of the Cartwrights for the first time on television and DVD. 
Speaking of . . . I am happy to report that BONANZA: The Official Twelfth Season is in the works. In addition to classics like "The Stillness Within, "Kingdom of Fear," "Top Hand," and "The Gold-Plated Rifle (to name just a few) you'll find brand new audio commentaries and other surprises. A popular guest star shares her recollections of working with "the Cartwrights," and I'll be going into the recording studio to share insights and observations as well. And again there will be an abundance of rare "behind-the-scenes" cast portraits and on-set photos -- in Living Color as well as Glorious Black and White -- from the Bonanza Ventures archives on display in the galleries accompanying the episodes. Most have never been seen before.
Look for BONANZA: The Official Twelfth Season (in one complete-set volume) sometime next year. 
Happy anniversary and Best BONANZA wishes,
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It was sixty-three years ago today

When Bonanza began to play.

They’ve been riding in and out of town

In a fight they’ll never back down.

So may I introduce to you,

The men you’ve known for all these years,

Adam, Little Joe, Ben, and Hoss Cartwright!!!!




Bonanza Brand Banner image


Artistic license taken with the opening stanza from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band



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