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What's Happening at Brand: The Week of September 25, 2022!

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Special Message from Andrew J. Klyde

 Join the VC Shindig!
(Check out the latest Bonanza Brand Anniversary threads)
All Brandaversary threads are open for participation throughout the month
Where's Waldo? -- Bonanza Brand Style -- Remember to PM the Brandsters whenever you find 'Waldo'
Check out the Brandaversary Jigsaw Puzzles in The Casino

Movies: Bonanza Style   AND   Script Changes   AND   Songs, Titles, Sayings and Quotes

Have you visited the Set, Wardrobe, Props, and Oops! discussions?

Happy Anniversary TO US!


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Yes, that's right!  This month marks the 


16th Anniversary of



Join us in the


 VC Shindig!

What is that?


It's a month long celebration where we will post a variety of activities in the Brandaversary 2022 discussion thread.  


Be sure to visit and follow that thread to keep up to date with the days' activities to earn badges.





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Here's a Sneak Peek for some of what is planned, so get out your DVDs and be prepared to "Find Waldo, Bonanza-style".


Meal Mondays

Trivia Tuesdays

"Wheel of Fortune" Wednesdays

Trauma Thursdays

First Fridays


Special Brandaversary Word Puzzle created by BettyHT 


As well as weekly themes!

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