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Pernell Robert's Birthday


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31 Twlight town2.JPG

Twilight Town


A Happy Heavenly Birthday to Pernell Roberts.


And a Big Brand thank you to


Ginger Cook




For making the Pernell-a-Thon all that it could be.   Well done, ladies!


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Thanks to Ginger, Betty, and Conny and do everyone else who helped behind the scenes for putting on this wonderful weekend to celebrate Pernell. I had a wonderful time, saw many shows that I hadn't seen before and enjoyed seeing some favorites. But mostly I enjoyed the camaraderie with other Pernell fans and getting to know a few new folks. 

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There will never be another Pernell Roberts.  To me, he is everything - and has been for many years.  In my dreams.  In my heart.  In my mind.  For so long, he has been a part of me - and often, the better part of me.  I have most of his movies.  Pictures of Adam cover my walls.  The life size cutout guards me as I sleep.  I have a playlist of his songs on YouTube.  I have all the Bonanza dvds, too.  Since I was eight or nine years old, he has been in my life in so many ways.  Even now, as I approach 70, he is still very much a part of my life - a part that keeps me going even when God seems to fail me.  I don't know what I would have done without.  He was so much more, of course, than just the characters he played.  How I wish I could have met him, talked with him and learned to know and understand him.  How I wish I could have been the friend to him that he has been to me.  I miss him although I never knew him.  He lives, still, within me.  He is as close as a thought and as dear as a dream.  He will always be a part of me, and I thank God for that part and for him.

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