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Movies: Bonanza Style


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Create your own Movie Poster using images from Bonanza.


Collect screenshots from various episodes to make a collage or use one scene from any Bonanza episode that best illustrates a movie title.   (Titles from TV shows are welcome, too.)


  • Screencaps must use the entire scene (no cropping out any character), so it might take members a little time to find just the right scene to use. 
  • Members may create their own interpretation of a title that has previously been posted.
  • List the episode title(s).
  • Add a link to the movie or TV show from IMDb.com or other information site (optional)




League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.JPG


Ben, The Magnificent Adah

Adam, The Philip Diedesheimer Story

Hoss, The Magnificent Adah

Joe, A Rose for Lotta


Yes, our boys were a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!!!  There were none finer.



The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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The Sound of Music


The Quality of Mercy (uploaded to gallery by pkmoonshine)


The Sound of Music


And another connection between these: I only recently checked why Abigail Jones' mother in Bonanza looked so familiar from something else and found out that she's also Frau Schmidt in The Sound of Music. Both played by Norma Varden.

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