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April Love -- Cartwright Style


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In celebration of Valentine's Day, share the lucky Cartwright and lady or the 'strike outs' that you remember best.


Joe - A Rose for Lotta


Strike 1 - A Rose for Lotta.JPG

Strike 1


Strike 2 - A Rose for lotta.JPG

Strike 2


Striek 3 - A Rose for Lotta.JPG

Strike 3


First Kiss - Joe - A Rose for Lotta.JPG

Seems Joe had to settle for what Lotta would allow...


Adam - A Rose for Lotta


First Kiss - Adam - A Rose for Lotta.JPG

Guess Lotta didn't have any objections to lip locking with Adam.


Joe - The Julie Bulette Story


First Kiss (peck) - Joe - The Julia Bulette Story.JPG

Caught Julia unaware!


Joe - The Truckee Strip


First Real Kiss - Joe - The Truckee Strip.JPG

A real honest to goodness KISS!!


Ben - The Mill


First Kiss - Ben - The Mill.JPG

Shame Ben, she's a married woman!


Hoss - The Courtship


First Kiss - Hoss - The Courtship.JPG

She's not a China doll, you didn't break her.



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7 hours ago, mumu74 said:

I wonder, if I got the meaning of this topic correctly, but I"d like to mention those moments of ephemere happiness for Ben



Yes, we're looking for the times where kisses were successful, as well as the moments where the woman of interested evaded our boys' attempts.

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