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Michael Landon: Memories with Love and Laughter

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It's Week 2 of Michael's birthday month and the topic this week is the 1991 tribute movie  "Michael Landon:  Memories with Love and Laughter."


We had hoped to be able to tell you we had secured the right to post screen caps from this movie, but the copyright holder did not give permission to use any part of "Memories" due to the fact that all of the releases obtained from those appearing in or involved with the production (including music, film clips, etc.) stipulated "no other use."


Some of you may have recorded the movie off air in 1991.  I know I did, but I don't have a VHS tape player any longer !!


However, if you happen to have access to the "Highway to Heaven" Season 1 Box Set, the movie is included as a special feature. 


Also, there is a DVD of the movie available now for those who would like to order a copy:




Let's discuss . . .


  • what was your favorite part?
  • did you learn anything new about Michael that you hadn't known before?
  • if you weren't familiar with some of the shows, episodes, movies mentioned, were you able to find and view them?
  • anything else you want to share







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I watched Memories with Love and Laughter again today.  It's been a long time since I've seen it.  I enjoyed the clips, of course.  And all the laughter--especially the outtakes when Victor French couldn't stop laughing. Also when Michael would make his actors laugh to break the tension in a serious scene.    My favorite blooper was where he said in all seriousness, "I'm Jewish," and the actress I said just as seriously, "I can tell."  I have no idea what episode that was.


I also watched the 1991 Emmy Tribute and several Carson Tonight Show appearances.  


It was good to laugh.



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