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Linda Sue Risk

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Risk as Samantha.jpg


Season 10's (1968) episode "Little Girl Lost" featured child actress Linda Sue Risk (age 10).   


Storyline:  Ben receives a packaged shipped via Wells Fargo. It is a little girl, Samantha Dorcas. She is the daughter of a cousin of Ben. The Cartwrights soon find she is a firebrand who doesn't want to stay on the Ponderosa. (IMDB)


Ben, the boys, Candy, and Hop Sing struggle to control "Sam" and get to the bottom of why she is there.


Samanta and Ben.JPG


Samantha Little Girl Lost.JPG


All is eventually resolved and Samantha is reunited with her mother and grandfather.


sam and fam.JPG


Linda was born June 19, 1958.  Her other TV show credits include:  


The Red Skelton Hour

That Girl

Mission Impossible

The Outcasts

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Here Come the Brides


She appeared in two movies:   " Maryjane" with Fabian, Diane McBain and Patty McCormack (1968) and "The Trouble with Girls" with Elvis (1969).


She has no other screen or acting credits and I could not find any further information about her.   





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wahoo, with Elvis Presley ? What a lucky little girl. 



She did a super great job in her scenes, facing Lorne Greene. She was funny and very professional in her so large "Hoss' shirt". 


I thank you for opening the topic about her. She was a cute little girl and it's a funny episode. I like this one, Ben Cartwright dealing with this little girl, that"s very funny. 


very sweet moment. I'm sure, they both enjoyed this moment, as Lorne just had become a father again :nod: 

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