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New Addition to The Reading Room--Serials!

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Announcing . . . .


Recent comments in the Challenges subforum of the VCLS prompted a Brandster-approved change to The Reading Room.


In addition to WIPS (works in progress), serializations of completed stories in excess of 25,000 words will now be allowed. 


The compelling reason for serialization is that members have indicated they like reading shorter, manageable sections of long stories.  The serialized stories (1) may already exist in the Library and are being serialized to encourage readership, or (2) may be new to Brand.


How to Post

The thread title should clearly indicate the story is a serialization.  Do not post a new thread for each part; continue posting in the same thread.  Be sure to indicate "the end" when it's over.


Example:    Serial—The Man Who Built an Empire


[side note:  WIPS should continue to use a WIPS prefix]



When to Post

To ensure the stories are complete, i.e., not a work in progress, the completed story must be sent to Cheaux with a proposed schedule before the thread is posted in The Reading Room.   Threads started without prior approval will be deleted.


  • Sample email:   The attached story, “The Man Who Built an Empire” is xxx words.  I would like to serialize it by chapter [part, book, etc.] and expect to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until finished.


Postings can happen daily but no less frequently than weekly.  For example, every Tuesday.


There is no maximum word count for each post but keep in mind the reader’s preference for manageable sections.  Ending at a natural break is preferred.  Cliffhangers are acceptable.   


How to Comment


Some folks don't want to read comments or reviews of a story before they read it, others do.   To accomodate both, there will be a separate comment thread for each serialization. 


Authors, once you have submitted the story to be serialized to Cheaux, you will make two posts.  First the Comment post like this:


Comments--The Man Who Built an Empire


then the first installment of the serialized story.   


Serial--The Man Who Built an Empire
(with a link to the comment thread at the end of each installment)


The reason the Comments thread is posted before the story thread is that the most recent post is on top, so to have the story appear first and the comments second, the threads must be posted in reverse order.



Brand reserves the right to make changes to these rules as needed.


If you have questions, post them in this thread or PM me.


Happy reading!!





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