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5 hours ago, Questfan said:

Oh wow! That is absolutely beautiful! Great job.


Thanks Questfan. It was fun and relaxing, since I find knitting relaxing.


3 hours ago, AC1830 said:

That's so pretty Liz.  A great piece of work and a colorful way to stay warm. 


I can't help but wonder if Inger ever used a shawl like this.  With the design being from that part of the world.  


Thanks, AC. Yes, it's very practical and colorful with the yarn I used. I wasn't sure about the striping until I happened to turn on QVC this week and saw them selling dressy tops for women with wide diagonal stripes. :lol:


Great thought about Inger! Most historical shawls were often regional. I've seen patterns for Swedish and Norwegian shawls, although not exactly like the Danish work shawl. I also have seen what are called Sontag shawls or Heartwarmers, and didn't recognize them as a shawl. I thought they were part of the dress. They're also sometimes called pioneer shawls, and most were knit although they can be crocheted, too. Some even seem to have sleeves and still wrap around the torso. It wouldn't surprise me if the practical Inger had one of these, especially if she had a dear friend from Denmark. :joe:


Here's a picture of a U.S. Civil War era Sontag shawl that's obviously different than the dress.



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7 hours ago, MicheleBE1115 said:

Lizabeth, was the shawl knitted or crocheted?  It's very pretty!


Thank you. It's primarily knit, although it is knit in three sections. The bottom edge (dark rust), the center section and the top border or collar. The edges between the sections have a row or two of crochet. The pattern called for half-double crochet, but I substituted extended single crochet at my sister's suggestion (she's a crochet expert). The extended single crochet looks like knitting, so blends in better than the half-double would. There are tutorials and videos online if anyone is interested in that stitch.

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